Title : श्रीमती यमुना रांदेड़ धर्मपत्नी विंग कमांडर श्री शिव रांदेड़, अंबेजोगाई की लंडन स्थित भारतीय उच्चायुक्त में तकनीकी सलाहकार वैज्ञानिक के तौर पे नियुक्ति हुई है। महासभा की ओर से बधाईयाँ।

Date : 09/10/2019

Description :

🙏Congratulations to Smt.Yamunaji Rander W/o Shri.Wing Commander Shiv Rander from Ambejogai on being selected as the first woman Scientist to be posted as Technology Advisor/Councillor at the High commission of India at London. Our family wishes her all the best in her new placement and also wish her to reach more better heights in her life. We all are proud of her success.Wish her continue to go ahead in life. We pray god to shower blessings on her. Ghansham Randad Aurangabad Adhyaksh Akhil Bhartiya Rander Pariwar.🙏.

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